Smh app iphone

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Smh app iphone

images smh app iphone

Mistakes will now be displayed using white text on a red background. Tap that button to change whether you want to answer in pencil or pen. Tap the 'Delete' button and then select an option. Might as well put the cash towards the London Times paywall. Simply tap on the 'Options' gear and tap 'Select Puzzle Providers', then simply toggle the providers you want to download puzzles from. If the newspaper proprietors keep stuffing up their adoption of digital delivery then they will hasten the demise of their print version.

  • Bad enough the SMH iPad app is just a PDF, forcing a print subscription is insane Mumbrella

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    Where can I. The latest Smartphone Apps news, articles and analysis from The Sydney Morning Herald.
    Follow us on Twitter to be notified of the latest Crosswords Classic updates! I can no longer download puzzles via the 'Browse the Web' feature! Has anyone else downloaded the New Zealand Herald app for ipad?

    images smh app iphone

    Where did the Boston Globe puzzles go? Check the 'How do I navigate the puzzle grid? Now I know — circulation of their print edition.

    images smh app iphone

    Unfortunately there's a bug in Crosswords v.

    images smh app iphone
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    I see two clue lists when playing in portrait mode!

    Curious Pink Wired sawdownloads of their iPad app average print circ 70, Ignore this new device at your own peril! Of course you can stay at home and download it via wi-fi particularly as Telstra has finally upped its download capacity on most planssaviing your valuable mobile download capacity, but if you were at home you may as well get the hard copy delieverd………………. Fairfax, if you want us to pay for content, you have to make it worth our while. To delete puzzles from your puzzle list, tap 'Edit'.

    If you've used a hint, then your time will be displayed on the 'Hints' leaderboard.

    Experience trusted independent news on the go with The Sydney Morning Herald. The app brings together award-winning journalism and the best features of. The new SMH iPhone App allow you to get the latest breaking news from any of the sections you love on - in the order you want! Download from.

    Bad enough the SMH iPad app is just a PDF, forcing a print subscription is insane Mumbrella

    Introducing Skim, our new app for iPhone and the Apple Watch. Skim from The Sydney Morning Herald keeps you informed with the latest and most important.
    If you're unable to upgrade at this time, you can workaround this bug by doing the following: How do I switch between across and down?

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    You can use it on any data plan. Having a few hundred extra print readers is insurmountable to the opportunity they have squandered by not using the iPad as an innovation, and rather trying to stifle its use.

    Can I delete just the errors, instead of the entire puzzle? Unfortunately it appears that Le Monde has discontinued publishing puzzles on their website as of January 4th,

    images smh app iphone
    All you need to do is turn your iPhone so it's in landscape mode.

    If the best the opposition can muster is John Hartigan and Little Dick Freudenstein and Fairfax still come off second best, well you know they are thoroughly stuffed. Peach, Boss and 10 News First.

    If you do not have a Game Center account, all you have to do tap the 'Settings' gear on the 'Puzzle List' screen, then tap 'Configure Account'. This bug will be fixed in the next update.

    There's a known bug with iOS 8 that causes issues with Split-enabled keyboards.

    images smh app iphone

    Might as well put the cash towards the London Times paywall.


    1. However, you can still play their daily puzzle in our apps by following these instructions provided below:.

    2. Crosswords Classic will also be available via the App Store, for new users who do not run iOS 7 and who do not want to upgrade to the new Crosswords app.

    3. Puzzle progress is only synced when you open up a puzzle. To enter a number into a square, simply tap and hold down any letter key in the top row of the keyboard additional non-alphanumeric characters can be entered by tapping-and-holding on the other two key rows.