Wolves change rivers

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Wolves change rivers

images wolves change rivers

Nicholson My love of nature is my inspiration for every way to preserve it. The type of offensive and insulting "writing" that he projects is hurtful and distracting. I had no idea that the ecological patterns could shift over such a single event in the park. More places to restore other species along with the wolves. This sounds more like a middle school cheerleading exercise than a serious scientific documentary. There is always people who think they are smarter than Our Creator who made it all. And, help get protection for more federal lands--wilderness areas,national parks, etc. I was very open to hearing what this video had to say, but, it just sounds "too good to be true" and exaggerated.

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  • As the willows grew, they provided the beaver with a source of food, which resulted in more dams and changed the flow of the park's rivers.

    One of the most exciting scientific findings of the past half century has been the discovery of widespread trophic cascades.

    A trophic cascade is an ecological. Inthere were no longer wolves in Yellowstone, once the natural habitat of this species. Between and the re-introduction inwe.
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    How Wolves Change Rivers

    This is so, so inspiring. Scientists have found that if an apex predator is removed or restored at the top of the chain, each level of the chain beneath it is affected. The wolves killed some of their competitors, the coyotes, which led to an increase in the mouse population. The video editing is also Gorgeous! Boscov The need to respect all creatures on earth and the role that they fulfill.

    CurioCity CurioCité How wolves change rivers

    The first thing I noticed is that the "deer" are elk.

    images wolves change rivers
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    Kathy I loved the holistic nature of this film; it was beautiful, inspiring, educative, touching.

    images wolves change rivers

    Mindy This an amazing video! How do we start?

    How Wolves Change Rivers on Vimeo

    Every issue I've listed above plus 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, snow mobiles, ATV's, mountain bikes, river floaters, and many more. The harm this has inflicted on ranching livelihood and the ungulate populations of the northern Rockies, as well as introducing non-native parasites into these ecosystems has nothing to do with goodness in the world. We rarely think that vegetarians harm the earth

    Directed by George Monbiot. With George Monbiot.

    images wolves change rivers

    This Will Shatter Your View of Apex Predators: How Wolves Change expressed in the above video – Is the Wolf the new American Hero?. Is it possible for wolves to change rivers?

    Video: Wolves change rivers The Wolves That Changed Rivers

    George Monbiot thinks so, and he explains the theory in this stunning YouTube mashup.
    Together, we hope to "be the change we wish to see in the world. You can't get too idealistic about nature, though.

    images wolves change rivers

    When r we going to learn from them? Yes, it is an incredible story, but as Baird points out below, the "deer" are elk.

    Big flaw that takes credibility away from the film. There is a place for everything and everyone, wasn't that the whole point of this short?

    images wolves change rivers
    When is too late?

    How Wolves Change Rivers KarmaTube

    Really review my life habits and their impact on the world and try and become a force for positive change. I am just curious why you would chose Sustainable Man as the name of your group and not Sustainable People or Sustainable Human Beings. We shall need to wake up, all of us. Earline Clason pledges to Nothing - it did not play beyond,


    1. When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent for nearly 70 years, the most remarkable "trophic cascade" occurred.

    2. Can you point me to other sites where I can here and see more about videos like this. Cynthia I suppose it was the sense of mystery, the unpredictable effects that arose -- the random connections revealing the interdependent, interactive nature of this world - I thought of puzzle pieces falling into place by chance